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Order Blue Heron Farm Organic Maple Syrup


Grade A syrup is also available in sizes from ½ pint to gallon through mail order, either UPS ground or U.S. Postal Service 2-3 day Priority Mail. If you decide to order, please email us at and provide the size(s) and grade(s) you are interested in, the number of each size, and your full mailing address including zip code and a day time phone number. We will then email back with costs for shipping and handling plus the syrup.

For ½ gallon and gallon orders, we can save you substantial money by using US Postal Service Flat Rate Priority Mail containers that can hold 1-2 of the half gallon sizes. They ship anywhere in the country (as well as to Military APOs) for $14.35, which includes shipping and handling, tracking/delivery confirmation, and insurance.


Unfortunately,  as noted elsewhere on this site, we made zero Grade B syrup this year, and so have none to sell. We apologize to all our repeat customers, but we have no choice but to take what Mother Nature offers.

Grade B syrup is darker colored than USDA Grade A Dark Amber. Although not considered "table grade" syrup, Grade B has a full, robust maple flavor preferred by some and is often used by those engaged in cleansing diets. Grade B is only available in the ½ Gallon size. We have made this change in order to save customers money on shipping costs (see below). If you order 2 half gallons, we will sell them at the current Gallon price.

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