Certified Organic Maple Syrup

Jubal, Norma and Bill during a quiet time at the sugarhouse


The farm’s main crop is between 600 and 1,000 gallons of Baystate Organic Certifiers Certified Organic Pure Maple Syrup. Syrup is produced each year from sap collected from 4000 taps and boiled to perfection in the farm’s 5′ x 14′, wood-fired evaporator in sugar house we built in 1986. The farm’s maple trees have long been known in town for producing high quality syrup with outstanding flavor. In years when production is off due to weather or other causes, we will sometimes need to purchase syrup from other local producers. Whenever this happens, we emphasize buying only excellent-flavored, Certified Organic syrup  produced in the U.S.A. as close to our farm as possible.

Norma Coli, a participant in the CISA Local Hero promotion, displays syrup sizes.

During the  maple production season, Norma, our son Jubal and I handle virtually all of the sugaring set up, boiling, and cleanup, including washing all of our miles of maple tubing to maximize cleanliness and sap quality. Norma is one of the very few full-time female sugar makers in the state, and is our primary taste tester when we need to buy syrup. Now that Bill is fully retired from UMass, he focuses primarily on delivering syrup  to our major retail outlets.  Jubal is in charge of all of the packaging into retail containers. During the production season, two neighbors (Sara and Andrew Slowinski) who have worked for us the past several seasons help out as well with all aspects of the work.

Maple Syrup Prices

Current Prices (2022)
Gallon $60.00
1/2 Gallon $35.00
Quart $22.00
Pint $15.00
1/2 pint $9.00

We ship via USPS Flat Rate Priority (2-3 day) mail

Prices subject to change without notice.

Praise for Our Syrup

“The syrup arrived yesterday in good order. SO DELICIOUS…I had several big tastes right off the spoon and am so delighted with the quality and depth of flavor! Thank you for tending so kindly to your land and trees, and the syrup they offer up for our enjoyment. thank you again so very much!”
– A North Carolina customer.

“I would like to send my family in Oregon a half gallon to let them try some of what you have produced for it doesn’t get any better than that in my opinion.”
– Ludlow customer