The Milky Way as seen from the farm

Traveling to the end of a scenic gravel road in rural Massachusetts, visitors to Blue Heron Farm experience a slice of life on this 130 acre organic farm, continuously farmed since at least 1797. Owners since 1975, the Coli Family maintains a small herd of goats, harvests a delicious crop of high-bush blueberries, maintains a small herd of Norwegian Fjord horses, and produces an abundant supply of Certified Organic pure maple syrup. Year round, the public can enjoy a farm holiday in this serene setting while staying in one of four welcoming accommodations: a cozy log cabin surrounded by pastures, a private, three level cottage, a modern post and beam home with 2 car garage, and a fully renovated, one bedroom bungalow. All rentals are fully furnished and equipped, winterized and secluded.

During a stay at Blue Heron Farm, the outside world seems to disappear while guests hike our numerous trails, help feed the goats and horses, pick blueberries, collect eggs for their own use from our small but productive flock of Rhode Island Red laying hens, choose vegetables from our gardens, participate in or observe other seasonal farm activities or just gaze at the Milky Way overhead. In the springtime, the farm is the site of two certified vernal ponds, where nature lovers can see eggs and adults of yellow spotted and blue spotted salamanders, wood frogs and other native species, and summer is ideal for watching and listening to numerous species of migratory and native songbirds. Deer, wild turkeys, fox and other wildlife abound. In fall, the numerous sugar maples burst into colors and paint the farm in vivid reds, yellows and oranges

Maple Syrup BottleOrder Blue Heron Farm Organic Maple Syrup

Certified Organic Grade A syrup is available in sizes from ½ pint to gallon through mail order. NOTE: we ship gallons as two half gallon jugs at the gallon price noted. We ship via U.S. Postal Service Flat Rate 2-3 day Priority Mail.

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